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(v) to pay. Origin: L de-,out + frangere, to break -> fracta, things broken -> 'cost of things broken' => 'to pay out the costs of things broken.' The magnanimous landlord promised to defray the expenses of primary education of all the poor children whose parents were unable to do so. Rudra's great desire was to go to Harvard. His father promised to support him if he succeeded in obtaining a scholarship, which would in part defray the cost of his residence there. Sheela Devi was quite worried about how she would arrange the wedding of her daughter. Her dead husband's pension was her sole income and all the savings had already been spent on the girl's education. Her sister, who was quite rich, sensed her worry and came to meet her with her husband, Saurabh. "Mia is my daughter too," she said to Sheela with a smile. "Saurabh and I want to defray the expenses of her wedding. Please let us share the joy of marrying Mia."

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