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Birth of man

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(v) to hesitate in doing something because you are not sure whether doing it would be right. Origin: L de- + mora, delay "Dhaani, you must teach that asshole a lesson! He thinks that he can beat you and get away with it? Don't tolerate this obnoxious behavior, I tell you, or it will become a habit with him. Go to the police, right now!"Dhaani's angry sister counseled her upon discovering that Dhaani's husband had beaten her that day and had done it before too. "But Di,"Dhaani demurred, "will bringing in the police be right? What will the kids think? That their mama put their papa in jail? I don't think they will be able to handle that. I'm not sure that going to the police is the solution." During the magic show, the conjuror asked a man in the audience to give him his gold wrist watch. The man demurred a little but on being assured that he would get the watch back, he unfastened the watch. The other word from the root mora is moratorium.

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