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knowledge and wisdom

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(adj) related with dogma; stubbornly sticking to one's beliefs, asserting that they are the only correct beliefs there can be and not willing to listen to any other point of view at all. Parenting is a tough job. Parents should not be dogmatic. They should shed rigid assumptions. Their children should feel confident that their viewpoint too is considered, even if it contradicts their parents', and their individuality respected. Scientists cannot be dogmatic. They are driven by experimental results. So, if something turns up which contradicts the prevalent line-of-thought, they change their belief and create some new theory which will be able to accommodate the new results. For example, Francis Crick, the man who co-discovered the DNA with James Watson, had once said that the central dogma of Molecular Biology was "DNA makes RNA makes protein". This dogma held sway until some virus hunters discovered that there are viruses that have no DNA in them at all and yet they are able to infect cells and multiply.