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Touch and Sensitivity

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(n) putting oneself in another person's shoes; imagining an object or a character in an art work to be in the same situation and have the same characteristics and feelings as oneself; (adj): empathetic. Origin: Gk em-, in + pathos, feeling Most people reserve their empathetic concern only for those who are higher and mightier than them. When their boss' mother develops common cold, they tell him that they totally understand how one feels when one's mother is not well and sweetly request him to convey their best wishes to her. But, when their maid pleads to them for a small loan because her mother-in-law is in hospital, they remind her that a few months before too, someone in her family had fallen ill. They do not run a charity, they tell her; she should get down to work or they would have to look for a maid with a healthier family.

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