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Touch and Sensitivity

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(v) to strip off or wear away the skin; to scold very strongly. The stiff shirt collar excoriated his neck. Cinderella's stepmother made her do all the hard work in the house while she and her two daughters just primped and preened before the mirrors all day. One evening, Cinderella timidly asked her for a balm to rub on her hands which had been bruised as she shifted the heavy stones in her back garden to the front garden. The mean old lady excoriated her. "Aahaa! A day's hard labour now excoriates the maharani's palms! What do you mean to say by showing me these hands of yours? That your stepmother is so wicked that she bleeds you to death? In that case, get out and show them to the whole world, you understand? Go and get lost. And ask those people only to feed you too. Don't you try to be oversmart with me, asking me to feed you and clothe you but when asked to do the slightest chores in return, acting like a delicate princess who cannot lift a pebble. I understand all the schemes that your filthy little mind can think of, you better remember that." Cinderella's father had come home early and had listened to all that his wife said. He now came in front of her and excoriated her. "How dare you do something so shameful about my daughter?" He thundered.

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