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knowledge and wisdom

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(n) a strong inner feeling about what is going to happen in the future; a prediction. Origin: Fore, before + bodh, knowledge => 'knowledge beforehand.' The Hindi counterpart of foreboding is prabodhan, made of Skt pra-, before + bodh, knowledge. Rudraksh's mother did not let him step out of the house on his birthday because she had a foreboding that something bad was going to happen to him. Two women, one old and one young, were talking in the park. A young woman joined them. They asked her how her pregnant sister was. "Oh, she's alright," she said sadly. "A daughter was born to her." "Oh," the other young woman moaned in sympathy. "Didn't they get the sex test done?" "They did. The doctor had told my sister it was a boy." The old lady, who had listening to them silently, now spoke up, her words full of foreboding. She said: "Twenty years later, when you will not be able to find brides for your sons, you will all remember this day and lament," she looked at the dismayed aunt of the new-born girl, "why you didn't let more girls be born."