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Birth of man

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(n) a distinct category of art work, whether in music, painting or literature. Bible: simply means 'the book.' Origin: Gk. Biblion, book. So, when you write down all the books that you consulted for your research, that list is called a bibliography (Gk graphein means 'to write'). A book lover is called a bibliophile (Gk philos, loving). Genesis: (n) origin, creation. The genesis of new knowledge needs hard work and imagination. Germination: (n) sprouting of a seed. A seed germinates only if it gets proper environment. While watching the movie, a new idea germinated in Adi's head that he should try to be an actor! Germinal: (adj) just begun to develop. Kin: (n) relatives. The minister gave 10,000 to the kin of bomb blast victims. Kindred: (n) relatives; (adj) related by blood or marriage. Also used for people who are not actual relatives but are so similar in their habits or character that they seem to be relatives. Origin: Eng. kin+ -red. The suffix '-red' is also found in hatred. Just like a condition of hating is called hatred, a condition of kinship is called kindred. So, we conclude that the suffix '-red' means 'condition.' It was Diwali, the festival of lights. Everybody's faces shone as they illuminated their houses, visited their friends and kindred, prayed before the goddess Lakshmi and burst firecrackers. Sanskrit and English are kindred languages.

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