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On Cutting and joining

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(adj) smooth; very fluent but usually insincere or unconcerned about the words used. Facts and data rolled off glibly from the manager's tongue and all his seniors were impressed. Rahul and Anjali were best friends. One day, Rahul was telling Anjali how his dream girl looked like. "Your ideal is impossible. There can be no girl like that," Anjali told him. "In that case, I'll marry you. Will you marry me Anjali dear?" Rahul said jokingly. "Don't be glib," Anjali retorted. "I don't like jokes about such matters." The salesman glibly praised the woman when she tried a gown. The woman, believing his words to be true, decided that the gown must be looking ill-fitting only in the mirror, and bought it. The truth was that the shop did not have a larger size version of that gown.

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