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(v) to prepare and perform on the spot with whatever resources are available. Origin: L im-, not + pro-, before + videre, to see => 'not foreseen or prepared for' This was how Mrs. Verma punished her kids for bad behavior. Whenever any of her five children needed to be chastised, she would improvise some festive occasion in which she would take all the children except the offending child to participate. If all the children sinned collectively they were suddenly informed of a circus in a neighbouring town, a circus of unrivalled merit and uncounted elephants, to which, had they not done anything wrong, she would have taken them that very day. Dikshit took up his violin from the corner, and began to play some low, dreamy, melodious air,--his own, no doubt, for he had a remarkable gift for improvisation. In the Indian films, every hero and heroine seems able to improvise perfect, beautiful songs as easily as you doff a hat. I've always wondered how they just break into a song and the next words, the tunes, the dance steps keep coming to them automatically! In real life, such a talent is found only in rare individuals like Dikshit. Note: Improve looks similar but is not from the same root