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Hands, feet, ears and back

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(v) to express doubt about. Origin: L im-, in + pugnare, to fight => 'to attack' "Do you impugn my bravery, madam?" The hero of the film asked the heroine indignantly. "I will show you my strength by beating the goons who stole your purse to pulp." The gold watch of the new daughter-in-law went missing. She said she distinctly remembered having put it on her dressing table in the night but the next morning, when she came to the table after bathing, it was gone. "Of course no family member can take it. That leaves only one suspect.," she said. Her father-in-law thundered, "I will not let you impugn Hariya's rectitude bahu! He has worked most faithfully for us for twenty years. Have you checked under the dressing table and the bed?"

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