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People and their governments

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(n) the process of inducing something; establishing a general principle based on a number of particular observations. The doctor gave a 50-minute sleep induction audio to his insomniac patient and said that listening to it in a dark room will lull his brain into sleep. The child's mother had just taught him how to measure an angle. She then drew a triangle and asked him to measure its angles and add them. He did that and reported that the sum was 180 degrees. She then drew five more triangles in his notebook and asked him to repeat the exercise with them. She then left to do some work in another room. Soon, the child came running to her, pointing to the triangles in excitement, "Mama, the sum of angles in each of the triangles is 180! Mama, the sum of angles in all triangles is 180!" This is an example of inductive reasoning. To conclude that because the sum of angles in six triangles is 180 degrees, the sum of angles in all triangles must be 180 degrees.

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