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Birth of man

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(n) the state of being ingenious. Like the dhobis we talked about in the footnote for 'ingenious', the dabbawaalaas of Mumbai too manage their work with remarkable ingenuity. Their job is to collect tiffins from the homes of the city's office workers and deliver them to their offices. Thanks to their ingenious system, their accuracy rate is an astounding 99.99%! Like the dhobis, they too have a code language of their own. For example, if a dabba has "3"marked at its centre, it means its destination is Nariman Point. Its precise office address at Nariman Point is marked in red on its side. Say, it is 10MT6. This means it is to go to the 10th floor, office number 6 at Mittal Tower. When the empty dabbas are collected from the offices after the lunch hour, they are kept upside down, showing the code on the bottom of the dabba. Suppose it is 10K. That means that the dabba is to be unloaded at the Kandivali area in Churchgate. Taxonomy: (n) division of living organisms into different groups, based on similarities in their structure or origin, etc. Origin: Gk. taxis, arrangement+ nomos, law => 'law of arrangement' Phylum: (n) the main subdivision of a kingdom, which groups together all the organisms that have similar body structure.

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