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Oneself and the others

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(adj) carefree, unworried; (n) insouciance. Origin: L in-, not + solicitare, to disturb => 'undisturbed' Despite repeated pleas by the citizens, the municipal authorities remained insouciant and the potholes on the roads continued to get bigger. Shivi was visiting her aunt, uncle and their daughter, Mini, who was the same age as her. Tea was brought in, along with a plate having five pieces of cake, and four small plates. The maid handed over a plate to each of them and then served the cake. "Two please," Shivi said. Her aunt glared at her. Shivi did not seem to notice and happily declared, "I just love cakes!" "Won't you have mine?" her aunt asked sarcastically. "Oh, thanks!" Shivi replied in delight and with the same insouciance, helped herself to her aunt's cake also, adding as an afterthought: "If you're sure you don't want it."