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Paragraph 4


Heat is measured in ‘calories’. One calorie is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water by 1°C at 1 atm. pressure.

Hell is always depicted as a very hot place, where fires rage and water bubbles ferociously in huge caldrons, waiting to scald the sinners’ bodies. Urgh!

Latin fervere   to boil

This root leaps towards you the moment you look at ferventfervidfervour and effervescent. So, you enthusiastically lead them to the special place you had reserved for this root in your notebook.


Poor fermentation keeps standing in the crowd, neglected, and wondering if it looks too different from its siblings.


Caldron: (n) a huge vessel used for boiling water, etc.

Origin: L calidus, warm caldarium, hot bath.

: (v) to burn by pouring out boiling water over.

Origin: L ex– + caldarium, hot bath => ‘to bathe in hot water.’

: (adj) wildly enthusiastic.

  • The two long-separated friends fervently embraced each other.
  • The boy’s letter to his uncle—who was also his role model—was a fervent and grateful one, narrating all the good effects that had resulted from his following his uncle’s advice.

Fervid: (adj) highly enthusiastic; very hot.

  • “Welcome! Welcome!” The host of the party extended his hand fervidly.
  • His fervid love for cars led him to a degree in automobile engineering.

Fervor: (n) great enthusiasm.

  • In India, the festivals of all religions are celebrated with equal fervour.
  • The couple forgot the whole world in the fervour of love.

Effervescent: (adj) bubbly

  • She was a bubbly, effervescent girl.
  • Pepsi and Coke are effervescent drinks.
  • An effervescent tablet is that which produces gas bubbles on dissolving in water.

Fermentation: (n) the conversion of sugars to carbon dioxide and alcohol by yeast in the absence of oxygen.

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