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Paragraph 6


Dried up land is called terra in Latin. It is the root of the following words:

Terra-1: Terrace, terrain, terrestrial

Terra-2: tureen, inter, disinter

The part of the haldi plant that we consume is its root. The root is boiled, dried and ground before use. That is why haldi is called ‘turmeric’ in English.


A slice of bread that has been dried to crispness is called a ‘toast’.

The Torrid Zone of the earth and torrential rains too belong to the ters- family.

Latin umbra   shade

‘Force’ is strength. A ‘fort’ is a building that is made strong by the presence of troops, arms and ammunition. When we ‘comfort’ a sad friend, we try to strengthen his weak spirits. And, an ‘effort’ is an exertion of our physical strength.


An ‘umbrella’ shades us from the merciless sun in the summers. It also casts a shadow on Mr Rajinder Sahni’s face and puts him in a somber mood. His father used to carry a black umbrella with him to work. One day, as he was walking homewards, a street urchin snatched his umbrella and ran across the road. The old man, in trying to chase him, was run over by a speeding car.


“Having your book turned into a movie is like seeing your oxen turned into bouillon cubes”.—John le Carré

: (n) ground, land.

  • The road sign read: Drive slowly. Rocky terrain ahead.

Terrestrial: (adj) related with earth.

  • Monkey is a terrestrial animal.
  • Jaadu in the movie Koi Mil Gaya is an extraterrestrial creature as is ET in the Hollywood movie ‘ET the Extra-Terrestrial

Tureen: (n) a soup bowl.

Origin: L terra, earth ‘a vessel made of earth’

  • The waiter placed a large tureen of mutton soup, spiced with herbs, in front of him.

Inter: (v) to bury.

Origin: L in–, into + terra, earth.

  • Funeral was not even the correct word; it was an interment which Ridah Fazil’s in-laws arranged at indecent speed as soon as she died.
  • All the neighbours murmured darkly that it did not seem to be a natural death.

Disinter: (v) to dig out from under the ground.

  • Gadhe murde ukhaadne ka kya faaydaa? Translates into “why disinter old skeletons?”
  • See also the sentence for exhume.

Torrid: (adj) very hot, very passionate.

Origin: L torrere, to make dry, burn.

  • The English players found it challenging to play in the torrid heat of the Indian summer.
  • A torrid love affair is that with a lot of passion and heat.

Torrential: (adj) Pouring or flowing violently fast.

Origin: L torrere, to burn torrers, burning ‘boiling, roaring’

  • Ten persons were washed away as torrential rains lashed Mumbai.

Somber: (adj) dark and depressing; very serious.

Origin: L sub-, under + umbra => ‘under shade.’


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