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People and their governments

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(adj) unskillful, tactless. Origin: mal- + adroit The quarrel between Rita and Romi had not been so serious. It was the maladroit handling of the matter by their families which brought the couple close to divorce. Immediately after their fight, Rita had packed her bag and gone to her parents' house. When his anger cooled down, Romi said that he would bring his wife home but his mother forbade him from 'bending before that insolent girl' yet once again. Rita's mother too forbade her from going back unless Romi himself came to take her and implored for her forgiveness. After a few days of this impasse, Romi's mother called Rita, berated her for keeping her nose up in the sky even at the cost of Romi's happiness and declared that marrying her was the biggest mistake of Romi's life. Rita listened to the tirade with silent tears but soon after, her mother called Romi's mother and said some really bitter things about her and Romi. Romi's mother then pledged to not let Rita enter her house ever again. Rita's mother threatened her with police action in that case. "You go to the police only then," Romi's mother taunted and hung up the phone. That evening, Rita's angry and offended family decided that there was no point in trying to compromise with "such people." Romi's parents decided likewise and called a divorce lawyer right then.

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