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(v) outsmart Origin: out + wit The police had laid traps at every possible exit route, still the smugglers outwitted the police. Their diamonds crossed the city's borders in a police jeep itself! Movie: Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. Scene: Rajesh is getting married to Puja. Rajesh's younger brother Prem has hidden Rajesh's jooti in a big red cardboard box meant for laddoos. Puja's younger sister Nisha discovers that and manages to distract Prem's attention till two little girls have exchanged the cardboard box with another similar one which actually contains laddoos. The girls quickly hide the shoes and then come before Prem, their faces gloating with the pride of outwitting him. Little do they realize that they have been outwitted themselves. Prem's dog Tuffy had followed the girls to their hiding place and had then led Prem to the same spot. The girls do not know that Prem has already exchanged the box in which they had kept the shoes with another red cardboard box containing a gajraa for the girls.