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Overview to the ourse  

This vocab course is a valuable resources for students preparing for competitive exams like GRE, SAT, GMAT and CAT. It has a treasure of the English words derived from Latin, Greek and other roots.
The complete course is divided into 23 modules. Each module has a theme. All roots related to the module’s theme are discussed throughly in it. For example, the topic of the chapter 1 is ‘God and His Creation’. Therefore the roots discussed in this chapter include Latin and Greek words for God, star, earth, mountain, water, man and various animals.
Also each chapter has many small stories in it. Every story incorporates some difficult words. Difficult words learnt through stories has a much higher retention as compared to mugged up words.The idea is to make learning new words easy and fun.
In some chapters Hindi words are also discussed which come from the same ancestor root as the English words mentioned in the chapter. These Hindi-English relations will often make you go “Wow!”.
Every important word is highlighted and meaning can be seen by tapping on the word.


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