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Birth of man

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(n) the property or other things inherited from one's father. Origin: L pater qqAlthough we still call ourselves a democracy, the system of governance in our country has in fact become patrimonial. Look at any state or the centre. You will find that most of the power has been concentrated in a few families. Business too is conducted on a patrimonial basis in India. The heads of most big business groups are men and their successors are their sons, brothers or cousins. Patrician: Patricians and Plebians were the two classes of free citizens in ancient Rome. The Patricians were the upper class, the nobles and the wealthy land-owners. The Plebians were the lower class and included the rest of the free population, from the tradesmen to the very poor. Inter-marriage between the Patricians and the Plebians was forbidden. Fateh's friends called him a nawaabzaada not because he really was one but because he carried himself like a patrician.

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