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Birth of man

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(n) family of mammals that have highly developed features like binocular vision, specialized limbs for grasping and the ability to think intelligently. Includes humans, monkeys and apes. Origin: L primus, first => 'leader' Anything which pertains to all the members of a genus, or less accurately, of any group or kind is called generic. For example, 'wooden furniture' is the generic term that includes all the items made from eucalyptus, pine, oak or any other wood. 'Oak furniture' is the 'specific' term (just like 'species' lies under the 'genus' in the taxonomic tree). 'Student' is a generic noun, because it does not specify the gender. Cola is a generic term because it does not specify whether the person has a Coke, a Pepsi or some other brand in his hand. 'Generalities' are vague statements; the speaker does not specify exactly what he will do or who he is referring to; there is a total lack of particulars. Politicians are adept at them.

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