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(adj) lucky, resulting from providence. Soomi got her car's petrol tank filled at the petrol station. But when she opened the dashboard to take out her purse, she saw, to her horror, no purse there! She had forgotten to bring it! Now what? She had to pay 500. She checked her pockets and found just a few loose notes of 10 and coins. She frantically rechecked the dashboard. The cars waiting behind started honking their horns impatiently. Her panic was increasing. No cash, no card, no driving license, and a half-hour distance from home. What to do? She was close to tears as she explained her predicament to the petrol guy. He did not quite seem to believe it. How embarrassing! Just then, a colleague of hers providentially drove in. Mr Sharma!!! She breathed in great relief and rushed to him, explained the whole situation and took 500 from him. As she drove out, she profusely thanked her stars for sending Mr Sharma at the right time.