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Hands, feet, ears and back

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(adj) ready to fight, fighting or getting irritated over small things. Raju seemed to be very disturbed about something. He was in a pugnacious mood since the morning and kept getting riled over every small thing and shouting warnings and threats to anyone and everyone. His friends took him to a movie hoping his mood would improve, but 20 minutes into it he angrily exclaimed, "Oh, what crap!" and walked out. Then, when he had cooled somewhat and was returning to the movie hall with an ice cream cup bought from his favourite shop in that mall, the security guard of the hall stopped him from entering with the ice cream. Raju's pugnacity returned. He dared the guard to stop him. The guard politely explained that though that ice cream shop was in the same shopping mall, it was outside the precincts of the cinema hall and as a matter of policy, the cinema did not allow eatables from outside. Raju rolled up his sleeves and told the guard to be ready for the consequences if he dared to bar his way. When the guard still remained firm, Raju punched him in his stomach! The other employees of the hall, who had already come to the spot, held him from his arms and ordered him to leave. Now feeling humiliated as well as angry and not quite knowing how to express it, Raju threw his cup onto the floor with great violence and stomped out.

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