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Paragraph 2

Have you heard of Tarzan? Chances are you have. Tarzan was a feral child who was raised in the jungles of Africa by wild apes. The following passage is taken from the novel ‘Tarzan the Untamed.’ It features two animals—Numa, a lion and Sheeta, a panther. Just before this scene, Sheeta was planning to attack Tarzan, who was lying head down in a dusty track. Numa saw Sheeta making his plans and became livid because he thought that only he, the king of the jungle, had the right to hunt an ape-man. What happened next?


“Numa had not felt like fighting; but the daring of Sheeta kindled his ferocious brain to sudden fire. How dare he try to touch his master’s food? That was a direct challenge to his, Numa’s, authority! Numa’s eyes glared with rage, his undulatingtail snapped to stiff erectness as, with a frightful roar, he charged at the presuming panther!


Numa’s attack came so suddenly and from so short a distance that Sheeta had no chance to turn and flee. So he tried to fight Numa with his talons and jaws; but the odds were all against him. Numa had larger fangs, more powerful jaws and huge talons. Then, there was the preponderance of the lion’s great weight. Sheeta was crushed at the first clash. Numa closed his jaws upon Sheeta’s throat.

The lion rose, shaking himself, and stood above the torn and mutilated body of Sheeta. He glared down at the dead panther and then, in a fit of rage, he seized and mauled the body only to drop it in a moment, lower his head, voice a single terrific roar, and turn toward the ape-man.”

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