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The good and the bad

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(adj) hardened in sin or evil ways, with no hope of improvement. Origin: L re-, opposite of + probare, to prove to be good => 'hopelessly bad' The reprobate husband came home doddering drunk each day and beat his wife and children. When he came to his senses the next morning, he would feel so sorry and solicitous about their bruises and contusions that they could not help forgiving him. They became a happy family for a few hours. Yet, in the evening, he would start getting ready to join his friends for a carousal. The wife would plead with him to not go, would even shed tears and show him her still not healed arms and face. At such a moment, he would feel like a reprobate standing before heaven, hardened, insensible, and unmoved. He could not, not answer the call of the bottle. He just had to. He would guiltily step out of the house and the daily drama would be repeated all over again.

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