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Birth of man

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(n) a place where the seeds of something are sown and grow into large trees. These seeds are not real but metaphorical. Usually that 'something' is knowledge. So, an educational institution-especially one that imparts religious training-is called a seminary. But if we take the seeds to be those of crime, we may say that a particular slum is a seminary of crime. qqA Muslim seminary is called a madrassa. Scruple: (n) conscience. (v) hesitate because of conscience. A guy who always listens to his conscience is called scruplous. He is honest. The opposite is unscruplous. "How could you steal your own father's money?"Abhi's shocked mother shook him. "Do you have no scruples?" Abhi's mother was shocked that her son did not scruple to steal his father's money. She had always believed, and not just believed but also boasted before all neighbours and relatives, that no one could be more scrupulous than her son. "Once, when he was small, he had found a wallet on the road outside our house. It had a thick wad of notes. He took the address from the driving license in the wallet and went all the way to the other end of the city to return it to its owner. That man was very impressed by his scruples, and even more when Abhi refused to accept any reward. 'You are very well brought up, my son,' the man had remarked."How often she had told this story to everybody! And now, that very satyaawadi Harishchandra had done such an unscrupulous thing!

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