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Paragraph 5


A ‘tenant’ holds a property; he does not own it, just holds it for a certain time period, by paying rent to the owner. That time period is called the tenure of his tenancy. Senjil is now thinking of buying his own flat in the city, because he has been granted permanent tenure in the university. He had been working as a lecture-on-contract before, but with his hard-work and sincerity, he won the approval of the department head. In fact, Mr Chawla, the department head, so trusts him now, that he often sends him as his lieutenant wherever he cannot go himself.

Not every man achieves his goals. Success requires tenacity, the ability to hold fast to your goal no matter how strong the storms that try to wash you away.

A tenacious grip is just tenacious, but a tenacious young man can also be called pertinacious.


Tenure: (n) holding of a property or a job, etc.; a permanent job, and not a contractual one; the time period for which that property or job is held.

Origin: L tenere, to hold


Lieutenant: (n) a subordinate who acts as a substitute when needed.

Origin: L locum-> Fr lieu, place + L tenere -> Fr tenens, to hold


Tenacity: (n) quality of sticking to something no matter what; holding firmly.

Origin: L tenere, to hold

  • A tenacious memory is that which firmly holds everything that was ever entered into it and doesn’t let anything slip out. Such a memory can also be called retentive memory.

Pertinacious: (adj) a person who sticks to something no matter what.

Origin: L per-, through + tenere, to hold

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