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People and their governments

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(adj) having a lower rank in the order of authority; dependent; (n) one who has a lower rank or is dependent. Origin: L sub-, below + ordinare, to arrange, to rank The District Courts of a state are subordinate to the High Courts. The boss said that he could manage his team so well because he respected his subordinates, involved them in the decision making and never treated them as merely a set of hands and brains bound to carry out his orders. Consider the sentence: When Ram did Sita's homework, she scolded him. Here, the part 'she scolded him' is independent. But, the part 'When Ram did Sita's homework' is dependent on the second part to tell us what happened; by itself, it is incomplete. So, we can say, that the clause 'When Ram did Sita's homework' is a subordinate of 'she scolded him.'

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