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People and their governments

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(v) to slander, defame. Origin: L trans-, across + ducere, to lead => 'to lead across (from good name to bad)' There are some people who do not mind getting traduced because they think at least they would become famous that way. "Badnaam hue toh kya hua, naam toh hua," they say. As Deepu walked past three of his former friends-unemployed wastrels, all of them-he heard them talk to one another. "Yaar, that Deepu's sister.....I can't tell you what she looks like these days, yaar!" Another said, "And, why will she not look like that? People say that her boss is quite kind on her these days." A third sighed, "I wish I were her boss!" The first one said, "Nothing will happen by sighing. Let us open an office, the three of us. Then we will be her bosses and she will be our common secretary. We will shower her with our kindness, won't we?" They all laughed. Deepu's blood boiled to hear his sister traduced like that in public and he turned back to beat those filthy mouths to pulp.

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