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Birth of man

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(adj) having the position of guardian or protector of a person, place, or thing. Noun: tutelage, meaning 'the act of guarding, protecting, or guiding'. Origin: L. tueri, to watch over, guard. Madhu learnt music under the tutelage of Pandit S. Sankar Rao. Ram and Lakshman learnt the scriptures and the martial arts under the tutelage of Sage Vishwamitra. The other words from the root tueri are: tutor, tuition and intuition. Beget: (v) to produce. Rama was begotten by King Dashratha and Queen Kausalya. He was in fact the first-begotten son the king. Dashratha begot Rama and Rama begot Luv and Kush. You cannot hope to lead a happy life yourself if you make others' life miserable. Misery begets misery. Genial: (adj) that which supports life and happiness, warm. A child can grow into a cheerful adult only if he gets a genial atmosphere at home and school. The families of both Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit in Hum Aapke Hain Kaun are models of geniality. Take any person from either family and you will know what the word genial means. The characters of Salman Khan's kaka (his maternal uncle, who has also been his foster father since his parents died in an accident), his elder brother Rajesh, Madhuri Dixit's parents and her elder sister, Puja all have genial natures.

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