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(n) a person who acts as if he is very wise. Origin: Old High German wizag, knowledgeable "I prefer simpletons to wiseacres," Amrit Lal told me, his chest all puffed up with pride in his wisdom. His younger brother giggled behind his back. Later, he confirmed my suspicions that Amrit himself was a big wiseacre. "Once when we were small," he said, "Papa misplaced his watch. Amrit got it into his head that it had been stolen and insisted on getting the confession out of me or our cousins about who had done it. When his browbeating yielded no results, he made us all declare one by one before the Lakshmi idol in our house that we had not stolen anything. He had read somewhere that if someone lied before God, his forehead immediately became black. Needless to say, nobody got a black forehead, and he had to let us go. Later, papa remembered where he had kept his watch and bade bhaaisahab did not know how to look at us again."