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How to prepare for a group discussion?

Training for a group discussion cannot be compressed into a few days’ course. It takes time to develop certain traits, mannerisms and a pleasant and effective way of speaking. The best way to learn to speak in group discussions is to get together with your colleagues or classmates and start discussing a topic. Ask them to give their views and you give your views. Organize a small group discussion and discuss current topics or any other news item in it. There is no short-term course for achieving success in a group discussion and you can only learn with experience.




Be precise.

Don’t make inappropriate gestures.

Present logical reasons in case you disagree.

Don’t interrupt a participant until he/she has finished speaking.

Address all the members of the group when you are making comments.

Don’t feel shy or nervous in a group discussion as it is a meeting of equals.

Clarity of speech is of utmost importance as only then the other members would be able to hear and understand you.

Don’t burst out in an emotional manner and start criticizing what other participants have to say unless you have valid arguments to support your viewpoint.

While other members are speaking, listen to them patiently.

Don’t make fun of a participant; it is definitely not recommended.

Try to bring the thinking of the participants in line with your ideas and thoughts with strong arguments.

Don’t be rigid. If the argument presented by a fellow participant is correct then do appreciate this fact and accept it.

Throughout the course of the discussion be humble and polite and say, “You are welcome”, “Thank you for your comments”, “Please go ahead” and so on.

Don’t make this whole exercise a monologue thus rendering it meaningless. So, give others a chance to speak too.

Be serious.

Do not blow hot and cold when you are criticized. Keep your cool and accept whatever comes your way in good humour.

Be firm with your stand until you are sure that what the other participants are saying is correct. Once you are convinced, give in gracefully.


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