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What is a group discussion?

Of late, the group discussion has become a very common tool for personality testing. A group discussion enables the selection board to judge a candidate’s ability to express ideas coherently, logically and systematically and also his/her leadership quality. The technique of group discussion has also been extensively used to select candidates for various management courses like MBA or PGDBM/PGDBA at various universities and institutes of management. The panel also observes the behaviour of the candidate in the group discussion. Therefore, it is also a selection aid just like the interview.
After about half-an-hour’s group discussion, the selecting officer can judge whether the person has self-confidence, tact, a cool temperament and an alert mind and also whether the person can convince others about what he/she thinks is right. In a way, it is a technique superior to the personal interview where a person’s group behaviour cannot be analysed. Without doubt, both the selection interview and group discussion are conducted in order to ascertain the suitability of the candidate for a job and for a course he/she wishes to undertake; the technique is, however, different while the purpose is the same.

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