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Agents to Incremental Improvements

Improvement is an important and effective ingredient for successful businesses. There are two types of improvements that can be employed—gross, and incremental. Gross improvements are generally brought in when a total overhauling in the process is needed. Generally, these stem from change in company’s goals and market requirements. However, incremental improvements are brought in by individuals or groups of individuals who try to continually bring in subtle changes so that the outcomes are effective and fruitful. Companies always welcome people who have this knack of bringing in minuscule and incremental improvement in their functions. Such innovations are corroborative and dynamic, thus giving strength to the implementation of processes in a synergic environment. As a recruiter someone will be happy to find that you:
  • Look for and make continues improvements in key processes, techniques and procedures.
  • Motivate others to find new ways of using and looking at technology and systems.
  • Actively contributes to the development of other team members.
Do You Have It?
  1. Anticipates and responds actively to external change. [↑]
  2. Comes up with creative and practical ways to stretch/overcome a resource crunch. 
  3. Creates and ensures an environment conducive to innovative thinking. [↑]
  4. Does not exhibit any key behaviour. 
  5. Does not reject or dismiss new ways of thinking. [↓]
  6. Generates novel, breakthrough, and commercially viable solutions to business problems where tired and tested approaches are ineffective. [↑]
  7. Is a champion of innovative thinking, encourages new ideas from employees. [↑]
  8. Is able to look at achieving targets by juggling the available resources. [↔]
  9. Is flexible and adaptable to change in the environment. 
  10. Is generally open to new ideas. [↓]
  11. Is ready to try out different solutions and is prepared to take an unconventional approach. [↔]
  12. Looks beyond the obvious for solutions, thinks ‘out of the box’ to generate multiple solutions to the problems. 
  13. Questions and challenges the wisdom and the quality of conventional methods. [↔]
  14. Will accept other solutions when conventional methods do not work. [↓]

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