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Analysing Your Skillsets Through Interviewer’s Point Of View

This book has given you a lot of material on improving your interviewing skills. However, it is always a good idea to put in practice what you have learned. This chapter gives you a chance
to look into your candidature from the point-of-view of an interviewer. Here we start with some common aspects the interviewer notes when you enter the room and some specific ones as the interviewing process takes place. The idea of this whole exercise is to provide you with a different perspective so that you are able to handle your interaction better and understand what the interviewer is looking for. This will allow you to bring forth best answers and leave a winning impression in the interview.

First, let us get a quick brush up on some of these traits and how you can best position yourself vis-à-vis these traits so that your competencies and skill sets are perceived as best suited for the job. Please note, these traits may not be final, but is a good mix of some important ones that are needed in the job scenario across different positions in various functions and industries.

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