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An interviewer look in the candidate this specific trait. The candidates should be able to demonstrate the following key behaviour during the interview:
  • Should be winning–oriented.
  • Acts to exploit the maximum from the opportunities presented.
  • Looks to be eager and passionate to take up challenges.
  • Prepared to experiment the status-quo, play offensively.
  • Grabs opportunities as they come by.
  • Must be proactive and on the lookout for such opportunities.
Do You Have It?
  1. Demonstrates clear persistence towards goals. [↑ ]
  2. Demonstrates reasonable persistence towards goals. [↔ ]
  3. Does not exhibit any key behaviour. 
  4. Evidence of being able to drive change. 
  5. Follows the pace. [↔ ]
  6. Has no clarity of objectives. [↑ ]
  7. Is not internally motivated, needs significant external motivators. [↑ ]
  8. Only gives up after a reasonable attempt. 
  9. Only gives up after a reasonable target. 
  10. Refuses to consider giving up.[ ↑]
  11. Sees himself/herself as being in complete control of the environment—is a self-starter. [↑]
  12. Sees self as primarily in control but still subject to environmental factors. 
  13. Sets attainable targets. 
  14. Sets easily obtainable targets. [↔]
  15. Sets high, stretching targets. [↑]
  16. Sets the pace. [↑]
  17. Sets unrealistic targets. Zero evidence of enthusiasm– cynical. [↓]
  18. Shows evidence of easily abandoning objectives because of difficulties. [↓]
  19. Shows high level of energy and enthusiasm. [↑]
  20. Shows evidence of enthusiasm and energy. 

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