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Crisis Awareness

Some of the traits look so obvious to a particular function that we are somehow not able to see if these are needed for a regular job as well. For instance, when we talk about crisis awareness we straight away jump to crisis management abilities and start considering that such a parameter will be important for HR or administration. However, when we go a bit skin deep and try to see a job function where the crisis will not happen at any point, we will not find any. So, the recruiters understand that good and efficient employees would be someone who is aware of potential crisis at their jobs and who have experience of such situations. So, it will be good to comprehend your job function and even better would be to know the crisis points. This will be the first step to know how to handle the crisis successfully. So, always depict yourself as someone who:
  • Can anticipate problems, factors that initiate crisis, roadblocks and major obstructions, and plans accordingly.
  • Is willing to act regardless of limited information and uncertainty.
  • Can involve others in decision making to minimize potential crisis situations.
  • Has the ability to respond effectively to rapid or unexpected change.
  1. Demonstrates inclination towards working out a solution for the impending crisis. [↑]
  2. Does not exhibit any key behaviour. 
  3. Is aware about the problematic issues and bottlenecks that are hindering the process. 
  4. Is open to discuss about the factors crucial for the solution of the crisis at hand. [↑]
  5. Is able to hear out the complaining parties in a crisis but would not comment on the crisis. [↔]
  6. Responds to complaining parties in the crisis and show your allegiance to each one of them, thus, making everyone happy but not helping in any way to solve the crisis. [↓]
  7. Seeks feedback from parties involved in the crisis situation to understand the problem. 
  8. Responds to their requests in a timely and professional manner and bring them to the notice of all with an intent to find acceptable solutions for everyone involved. [↑]

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