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Customer Focus

The customer is the backbone of every business. Be it any product or service, a successful company always work for the customers. So, when preparing for the interview ensure that you are aware of its customer base, how customer connects to the company’s offerings and how different products are targeted towards different target audiences. Also, there are some generic customer oriented rules which must be employed to present yourself as a customer-oriented employee. It will help if you can exhibit that you are the one who:
  • Knows the product and customer matrix to some extent.
  • Meets the commitments of the customers.
  • Anticipates and responds to customers’ current and future needs.
  • Gets first-hand customer information and uses it for improvement.
  • Is dedicated towards meeting and surpassing expectations of the customers.
  • Is sensitized about the requirements of internal and external customers.
Do You Have It?
  1. Continuously monitors their satisfaction level. [↑]
  2. Demonstrates commitment to the long term best interest of others. [↑]
  3. Does not exhibit any key behaviour. 
  4. Monitors their satisfaction, even if that implies putting in whatever time and effort is necessary. 
  5. Proactively elicits feedback from customers [↑]
  6. Responds to customer complaints [↔]
  7. Responds to customer complaints whenever generated. [↓]
  8. Responds to their requests in a timely professional manner [↑]
  9. Seeks feedback from customers to identify their needs
  10. Solves complaints in the stipulated time frame, in a way that satisfies the customers. [↔]

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