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Knowledge About Business/Industry

When you are preparing for an interview in a particular company, it is important that you try and find out about the company, its businesses, products and services it offers, its brand positioning and its competitive companies across that industry. You will agree that this is an important part of your preparation for the interview. Well, the interviewer will also like to see if you have dug up information and readied yourself on this account. Try to find out about the past performance, present position and future plans of the company. Also, look for how you can link up your role in the present scenario and future plans of the company. It will help to enhance your chances in succeeding the interview if you are ready with the following:
  • Understanding of the total business environment.
  • Understanding of the future plans according to company’s
  • vision/strategy.
  • Your ability to communicate and align shared vision to achieve strategically.
  • Your ability to consider implications, dynamics and demands of the company.
Do You Have It?
  1. Aligns and prioritizes own action plans to organizational strategies but has limited influence in determining the strategic direction. [↔]
  2. Assists in defining performance measures to evaluate success of strategies, 
  3. Depends on others to conceptualize, communicate and articulate the vision, mission and action plan. [↓]
  4. Develops action plans to execute strategic initiatives
  5. Develops action plans to implement departmental strategic objectives through individual actions. 
  6. Displays and contributes in-depth knowledge to strategic planning at the organizational level [↑]
  7. Displays insufficient understanding of departmental strategic direction, focuses on short term issues. [↓]
  8. Displays insufficient understanding of the political, environmental, social and technological context, and focuses on short term issues. [↓]
  9. Does not exhibit any key behaviour. 
  10. Ensures alignment of strategies across various functional areas to the organization strategies, [↑]
  11. Ensures alignment of strategy of his own areas of function to that of the department. [↑]
  12. Has basic knowledge and prioritizes own action plans in alignment to departmental strategies, but has limited or no influence in determining the departmental strategic direction. [↔]
  13. Heavily depends on others for guidance in order to align individual strategic plan to that the department. [↓]
  14. Possesses in-depth knowledge of alignment of departmental strategy to organizational focus. [↑]
  15. Promotes departmental vision and mission of stakeholders and of internal customers. [↑]
  16. Promotes organization’s vision and mission of stakeholders. [↑]
  17. Supports in defining performance measures to evaluate success of strategies. 
  18. Takes calculated risks for executing strategies. 
  19. Takes calculated risks. 
  20. Understands organizational and divisional strategic initiatives. [↔]
  21. Unties diverse workgroups across divisions to achieve organizational objectives. [↑]

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