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Look Of The Candidate

An interviewer wants the candidate who comes in the interview room to be neatly dressed, nicely groomed, and displaying good mannerism. So, he will judge you by your first look as per the following parameters:
  • Has he/she taken care to dress well for the interview?
  • Has he/she shown basic etiquettes such as asking to enter, closing the door behind, wishing with a smile and taking seat when asked to do so?
  • Does he/she looks nervous or under-pressure and showing signs of being disoriented even before the interview has started?
  • How he/she responded first when told that the interview is starting? (only for telephonic interviews)
  • Was he/she at a good place where less noise and better connectivity of communication device was available or not? (only for telephonic or video interviews)
  • Was he/she technically ready for a video interview? A good headset, camera and internet connectivity, if not provided by interviewing authority, was taken care by the candidate or not?
Do You Have It?
  1. Candidate has asked politely but confidently for permission to come in. [↑]
  2. Candidate’s clothes could have been neater and ironed properly. [↔]
  3. Flaunts his/her new smartphone and mutes it on being asked. [↔]
  4. Forgot to close the door properly behind him
  5. Greets all in the interview panel with a smile [↑]
  6. Has smile on his face but his stance looks a bit tense. 
  7. Has taken care of how he/she looked before coming to interview. [↑]
  8. His tie is odd coloured, and/or shirt has funny looking print. [↓]
  9. His/her mannerism is a bit rusty. [↔]
  10. Looks unkempt and dressed in a poor taste. 
  11. Makes no attempt to sell the vision to others. [↓]
  12. She is wearing gaudy jewellery and heels she is not comfortable in [↓↑]
  13. Takes seat when asked and has thanked for it [↑]
  14. Trying to be overfriendly and carefree. 

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