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Recruiter’s Point Of View

Given below are traits generally found in people who sit for interviews. These are grouped as per the skill sets detailed above. There are some icons that are tagged alongside each trait for your perusal. Please go through each of these traits and see what is your view on this vis-à-vis your competencies. The icon will help you consider your position on each trait.


[]: You are on track! Just ensure that you do not sound too-confident or gambler.


: You are nearly there. However, must look at improving on these behavioural traits.


[]: In the new environment, e.g., new job or new campus, you are needed to excel further.


[]: You need to work on this immediately as this can drastically reduce your chances to win any interview.


: Need to rethink your stance on some specific traits.


There are about 12 important skill sets mentioned and it may not be possible for someone to be an all [] personality. However, a good mix of [] and  is at a good position for success. Also, some [] are acceptable as those are the points that could be improved upon to sync well with the goals of the companies, departments or campuses. And, any single [] you get during the interview is going to be counterproductive for your success, and not to mention , which must be avoided at all costs.

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