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Responsible And Takes Initiative

The companies always want employees who can take the initiative to do what needs to be done, within the scope of responsibility and authority, without waiting for supervisor’s instruction. So, you must see that you present yourself as somebody:
  • Who makes effective decisions within the scope of responsibility and authority.
  • Who can put in whatever effort and hours are needed to get the job done right.
  • Who can demonstrate personal accountability for actions and behaviour.
Responsible And Takes Initiative
Do You Have It?
  1. Able to steer team towards goals. 
  2. Accepts responsibility if given. 
  3. Allows problems to continue. [↔]
  4. Avoids taking responsibility. [↓]
  5. Can independently handle work tasks. [↑]
  6. Councils team members on a need basis (reactive). [↔]
  7. Develops a team which can function independently. [↑]
  8. Does not exhibit any key behaviour. 
  9. Does not proactively seek and enjoy responsibility. 
  10. Ensures smooth execution, may need some amount of guidance to complete tasks at hand. 
  11. Gives up on difficult subordinates. [↔]
  12. Has a history of building effective teams. [↑]
  13. Is not open to take onus of any task. [↔]
  14. Is unable to delegate effectively. [↓]
  15. Is unable to take decisions. [↓]
  16. Likes to follow people in a team. [↓]
  17. Proactively seeks and enjoys responsibility. [↑]
  18. Rarely takes independent responsibility for tasks. [↔]
  19. Requires constant supervision to complete any given task. [↓]
  20. Requires no supervision. [↑]
  21. Requires supervision to carry out mundane jobs efficiently. [↔]
  22. Takes decisions whenever necessary. 
  23. Takes onus if timelines are not adhered to. [↑]
  24. Turns difficult subordinates around. [↑]
  25. Will exert effort on as and when basis. 
  26. Will not take responsibility for non-performance. [↔]

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