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An employee who is a quick-thinker, swift-learner and a fast decision-maker makes a company succeed in today’s competitive world. The interviewers and recruiters are always on the lookout for such people. With experience and some management tools they are able to see through you. So, it is important that you work out on these factors and do not lose the chance to impress the interviewers. Ensure that you are able to display your abilities as someone who:
  • Can spend time on what’s important by quickly zeroing in on the critical and putting the trivial aside.
  • Is able to make competent and effective decisions in a timely manner.
  • Responds rapidly in situations requiring a quick turnaround.
  • Is able to deliver results through quick action.
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  1. Attempts faster closure in adverse situations. 
  2. Complete assigned projects in the given time frames. 
  3. Consults others on completion of projects on timely basis. [↔]
  4. Does not exhibit any key behaviour. 
  5. Doesn’t initiate or seek to get assignments and tasks at hand completed as per schedule. [↓]
  6. Doesn’t take decisions in order to execute certain plans and projects as per timelines in events of absence of all available information. [↔]
  7. Efficiently prioritizes tasks at hand and focuses on the ones that need immediate action. [↑]
  8. Has no urgency to complete tasks at hand. [↓]
  9. Is a stickler to complete tasks within the stipulated time frames. 
  10. Makes important decisions quickly. [↑]
  11. Non-adherence to timelines. [↓]
  12. Pursues long term projects actively. [↑]
  13. Shows enthusiasm to beat timelines. [↑]
  14. Shows evidence of giving up in adverse situations, decisions which may result in inefficiencies. [↓]
  15. Shows evidence of persistence in adverse situations. Initiates and actions new projects. [↑]
  16. Shows evidence of commitment to the course of action taken. 
  17. Tries to complete tasks within the set timelines. [↔]
  18. Work prioritization is sketchy, gets caught up between prioritizing work. [↔]

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