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Thinking Out Of The Box

The companies generally want to employ smart people who can view issues differently and come up with new plans and solutions to the conventional problems. They will generally ask questions during the interview that will allow candidate to showcase his/her competencies in this domain. At that moment during the interview you can talk about:
  • Your ability to create new plans and ideas when situations change.
  • How you can create competitive advantage by doing things that entertain wide–ranging possibilities with new solutions and approaches.
  • How you have used a variety of communication materials and methods to gain support for new ideas.
  • How you can think outside the given parameters to see if there is a better way.
Do You Have It?
  1. Constantly explores new ideas and perspectives. [↑]
  2. Demonstrates ability to spot opportunities. 
  3. Does not exhibit any key behaviour. 
  4. Explores new ideas under compulsion. [↔]
  5. Has a consistent track record of creativity and innovation. [↑]
  6. Has highly developed capabilities in exploiting opportunities. [↑]
  7. Has no inclination to think out of the box. [↓]
  8. Has some track record of creativity and innovation. 
  9. Invariably initiates new methods and approaches. 
  10. Shows no track record of creativity and innovation. [↓]
  11. Shows no willingness to initiate new methods. [↓]
  12. Shows occasional evidence of initiating new methods. [↔]
  13. Unable to spot opportunities. [↓]

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