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Man’s greatness consists in his ability to do and the proper application of his powers to things needed to be done.

—Frederick Douglass

Probably nobody ever secured a job solely through a simple scribbled letter of application. But a well-written presentation of your qualifications and experience can help to point out your merits to an interested employer. When you’re competing for a job ­opening, a well-written presentation can create a strong ­impression that may prejudice the interviewer in your favour. You are, in fact, “selling your working capacity” to a prospective employer. ­Therefore, put yourself in the reader’s place and plan your approach.
According to a recent survey conducted on job preferences, it has been revealed that the Civil Services, which used to be the ­number one preference of job seekers till very recently, stands second in priority. Of late, private sector jobs are being preferred by young graduates and postgraduates. With growing industrialization, coupled with the liberalization of economic and foreign trade policies of the Government of India, which is, in turn, attracting several multinational companies to enter the Indian market, there are ample job opportunities coming up for talented young graduates and postgraduates. Private sector jobs, besides offering heavy compensation packages and liberal perks, also promise rapid career growth for the right type of candidate.
These jobs are mostly advertised in leading newspapers and magazines like India Today, Business India, among others. Candidates ­aspiring for such jobs have to respond to these ­advertisements along with their brief résumés. Of late, it has also been ­observed that certain reputed companies are advertising “walk-in ­interviews”. This is ­because these companies are no longer ­interested in ­scanning through long résumés to shortlist candidates because it is a ­time-consuming and expensive exercise. For such jobs, ­candidates are ­expected to carry a brief bio-data along with them to the ­interview.
For the purpose of securing jobs in private sector organizations, among the most important communications you have to write ­include:
  • Your bio-data;
  • The letter to accompany your bio-data;
  • The thank-you letter for the interview; and
  • The letter of acceptance or rejection of the job offer.
MYTH: The purpose of a résumé is to list all your skills and abilities.
FACT: The purpose of a résumé is to kindle employer’s interest and generate an interview.

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