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The Job Search

Understanding the employers’ approach towards the hiring process is just one of the many insights and skills you need in order to conduct a successful job search. Employers often prefer to look at their existing workforce to find candidates for new jobs and promotions. If no suitable candidates can be found, they begin to look outside the firm, starting with people whom company insiders already know.

Understanding Employer’s Approach to the Employment Process

Understanding how the employers approach the recruitment process may help you not only to save considerable time but also give better results for your efforts. The figure below shows a general process the companies resort to as their employment process. You might find knowing about it useful and would like to keep it in your mind always as you may need to use it during your career development in the future.

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So, most of you must have thought that the easiest way for you to find jobs (through company advertising) is the least preferred channel for many companies to find new employees. So, the point is, employers have checked out quite a few other places before they come looking for you. To find the best opportunities, it’s up to you to take action to get yourself noticed. Beyond personal referrals, employers use variety of methods to identify potential employees. Many employers send representatives to college campuses and job fairs to interview students. They also recruit candidates through employment agencies, state employment services, the employment bureaus, and head-hunters (recruiters who specialize in finding experienced executives and professionals for specific job openings). Employees can look for job openings in a variety of news media, through search-engine advertising etc.
The employment process can consume many hours of your time over weeks or months, and organizing your efforts in a logical, careful manner can help you save time. Begin with finding out where the job opportunities are, which industries are strong, which parts of the country are booming, and which specific job categories offer the best prospects of the future. From there you can investigate individual organizations, doing your best to learn as much about them as possible.

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