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How important is your social media presence for ‘Winning at interviews’?

I was asked by a curious bunch of students who were preparing for their first campus interview at one of the elite engineering colleges in North India. They wanted to know whether or not their FACEBOOK page impacts their chances of cracking the interviews.
Well, the answer, as per my opinion, is a Yes. It does have an impact. Everything you do or have done can impact your chances and social media is a simple, quick and accessible tool. Expect a good, vigilant recruiter to use it before making their final offer
to you.
There are simple reasons to guide you to know why these are important:
  • The web, particularly your FACEBOOK (or other apps such as LinkedIn, Google+ etc.) page, is simplest and most convenient way to know about your personality traits which you may not have mentioned in your résumé or would have not spoken about in the interview.
  • A simple scan of your profile page will provide the potential employer a good idea about your life (if you are quite active on social media) in general, i.e., your social circle, habits, opinions, netiquettes etc.
  • The recruiter might not be very keen to know more about you beyond what is printed in your resume at the pre-interview stage. However, they could choose to dig information from social media about selected candidates at post-interview stage before making a final decision. This could prove significant if they have to make a choice between 2-3 candidates for one slot, which is frequently a case.
  • The recruiter might look at what other people linked to your social media page wrote or showed about you. Equally important could be how you have been communicating and what kind of stuff you are uploading there. No points for guessing, even the pictures can make a case for you or against you.
  • Here it is important to note that your resume will offer information about your skills from your education and your past work experience. However, the interviewing techniques of the interviewers may not be sharp enough to pick on personality traits like—you are dominant or accepting, compliant or independent, relaxed or driving, sociable or analytical etc.,—and what you are like as a person. However, they can get a good idea about such things from your social media page. It will help them decide on whether or not you will fit in their company’s work culture? Importantly, it will also allow them to check about “you”, i.e., what you presented in an interview was accurate and trustworthy or not?

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