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Skype Interviews/Face Time Interviews

Various free video-conferencing tools are available on the Internet. Among them Skype is the most widely used software, though it is not the only thing in the market. There are other software’s like Google Chat, MSN Messenger and FACETIME—a video chat application for both iPad and iPhone by Apple.


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The leverage and influence social media gives citizens are rapidly spreading into the business world.
—Simon Mainwaring

Skype Interview Tips

  • Know how Skype works. It is one of the preferred tool companies are professionally using.
  • Prepare for a Skype meeting in advance. Practice for a Skype interview in advance. Do not sit before the computer half an hour or ten minutes before the interview. It is a job interview which you would not want to mess up.
  • It is a real time interview, where instead of being present in person you are interacting face to face with the interviewer/employer. This is a serious business.
  • You should be well dressed and well groomed. This is not an online chat session or FACEBOOK status sharing platform that you would think of dressing zany and having a gruff look. Ensure you are properly groomed and dressed professionally.
  • Good lightning: Proper lighting is important in video-conferencing. Ensure enough light falls on your face from the front.
  • Extra webcam: Get a good quality of webcam even if you have one built-in your laptop.
  • Housekeeping: Ensure the place and the background of the interview is clean and tidy. It speaks about your personal presentation.
  • Switch off your mobile: Ensure your mobile is switched off before the interview begins for two reasons. One it is not professional and two it will interfere with your computer.
  • Use a headset: Buy a good quality headset with microphone. Do not use the computer’s speaker or microphone to ensure better audio quality and to avoid your computer from echoing your’s and the interviewer voice.
  • No zany username: Your username should be professional and not crazy or wild. Else the interviewers might feel embarrassed while connecting with you.
  • Watch out for transmission delay: No matter how much amazing your internet speed may be, some transmission delay may occur as you use the video function. Therefore, pause to first let your interviewer speak before you speak to answer.
  • Maintain eye contact: Look straight into the camera while talking. Do not be tempted to look at the video of the interviewer that appears on the side.

Do’s and Don’ts for an effective video interview



1. Dress properly even if the interview is taking place in an environment of your choice. You are having a professional meeting with a person on camera face to face.

1. Have an interview in an environment where there will be any factor of distraction.


2. Ensure that you are appropriately groomed.

2. Assume that online video interview is a rehearsal.

3. Ensure that your computer is switched on, way before the actual time of interview and is readily receiving and sending out data.

3. Think it is an online chat.

4. Ensure that your internet connection is properly working. Test both the video and sound well in advance.

4. Neglect to be attentive.

5. Prepare yourself for the interview as you would for a live face to face interaction in person. The interviewer online will have the same questionnaire standards as for an in person interview.

5. Have a cluttered background, dim or glary background.


6. Have pin-ups of any  celebrity or personality  in the background.

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