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What should be the strategy?

So, we know that social media definitely provides an important peek into you as a person: How you present yourself; what you say about yourself; what images you show on your page; do you talk about your work life and if so, what do you say and how would it sound to another person?
So, at the very initial stage of your interview preparation you must take time to review the content on your social media pages. Strategically, it would be even wiser that you ask others to review the information on such pages so that you end up presenting yourself in the best possible way. If you have pages across multiple social media apps, ensure that you have information that is synchronous and non-contradictory.
It is important to regularly check for information or pictures that others may have posted about you. If you find a photo in which you are tagged that makes you uncomfortable, contact the person who posted it and request, firmly if necessary, to remove the photo. Also, ensure that you remove the tag from the photo so it doesn’t come up in any searches made for you.
Ensure that during the interview journey you are checking your social media page regularly. Also, it is a must that you visit the page just prior to any interview, so you can be sure your image is the best it can possibly be. I can sense the thought of having a personal life lingering at the back of your mind, but if your personal life is incompatible with your work life then people may question your trustworthiness and judgment.

Phone Interviews

Phone interviews are generally used in the initial round of the hiring process. The parameters of this method of interviewing allow an employer to filter out candidates based on experience, qualification and salary expectations concerning to the particular job. It is designed to weed out candidates who do not meet the company’s expectations. Employers (specifically the HR department) use this method as a precursor to the main interview which could likely be a face to face interaction. Phone interviews help both the interviewer and the interviewee to be relaxed and this can be used by the interviewer to properly gauge the interviewee.

Video-Conferencing and How to Win Interviews Conducted Online?

Interviewing done by video-conferencing technology is being used widely these days. Interviews by video-conferencing provide the transfer of audio and video between remote sites, which makes the overall process less costly and more convenient for both the interviewer and interviewee. Many companies in the private sectors have already started using video-conferencing for interviewing candidates. Anyone, anywhere in the world can perform video-conferencing with the use of a microphone, camera and compatible software.

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