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A Day Before the Interview

  • Choose a well-tailored dress and ensure that it is well-ironed, clean and that no buttons are missing. The dress you choose should suit the job you are applying for.
  • Shoes should be polished and you should have a matching pair of socks to go with them.
  • As with clothes, same goes for the turban, if you support
  • one. It should be clean, matching with your dress and neatly tied.
  • Carry a folder having your certificates, mark sheets and ­other necessary documents arranged in a perfect chronological ­order.
  • Prepare yourself mentally to counter the questions regarding your résumé. Have a look at your résumé, mark sheets and other certificates.
  • Make sure your general knowledge is up-to-date and you have all the essential facts regarding your industry up your sleeve.
  • Even minute things matter in an interview. So make sure you have a pocket comb handy and the time on your wrist watch is correct.
  • Put your interview call-letter at the top in your folder and check the time designated for your interview just to make sure that you are on time.
  • You should be aware of the latest happenings and for that, note down important news items in the night news bulletin.

On the Day of the Interview

  • One of the most important things on the marked day is to go through newspapers and make a note of important headlines.
  • Try to catch some news on TV if you can manage.
  • To keep last-minute panic at bay, make sure you get ready before time to be able to gather folder and other items.
  • Leave for the interview venue early keeping a margin for any unforeseen factor which might delay your reaching the ­destination.
  • Be courteous when you introduce yourself at the destination.
  • Communicate with other candidates while waiting for your interview. Discuss latest happenings and current affairs with them.
  • Get more knowledge about the company through the ­materials provided to you.
  • Have a firm handshake.
  • Listen carefully.
  • Be positive with your body language to show your interest.
  • Your gestures also matter a lot; so smile, nod and give non-verbal feedback at the appropriate time.
  • Do enquire about the next step in the interview process.
  • Do not forget to thank the interviewer.
  • After your interview is over, write a thank-you letter to the person you have spoken to.

During the Interview

  • Show your courteous side during the course of the interview and use of words like “thank you” or “please” is ­recommended.
  • Meet the interviewer as an equal. His/her job is to find the best person for the job and you are there to grab it. So, feel confident and be relaxed.
  • Sometimes the interviewer asks confusing questions. At this point of time maintain your cool and try to answer them with clarity.
  • Be on your toes throughout the interview.
  • Make sure that when you speak, your voice should be clear and loud enough for the interviewer to hear.
  • You should be a good listener, so be attentive when the ­question is put across to you. If still you are not able to hear the question, then request the members to repeat it by saying, “I beg your pardon.” Don’t start your answer until you have ­understood what is being asked.
  • Your answers should be balanced and intelligent but you should be quick with your reply. You can help the interviewer form a proper judgement about you only by giving your best.
  • Be calm throughout the interview. Present yourself as a person who is confident and ambitious.
  • In case there is an interview panel, look at all the members while giving your reply. Do not look at a particular member of the board.
  • Look at the board member directly when you are answering a particular question from him/her.
  • You should be very comfortable during the interview and not give out negative vibes.
  • Change your facial expression according to the demand of the situation. If you are being asked a serious question, adopt a serious expression.
  • Do not leave any opportunity to thank if you are being praised for the response you have given.

After the Interview

  • Leave the chair only when the interviewer asks you to leave.
  • Do not forget to thank the chairman and other board ­members after the interview.
  • Sometimes the interviewer extends his/her hand after the interview. Do not let this opportunity to let go by. Give a firm handshake as it shows your confidence.
  • After you get up, put the chair in its proper place with ­elegance.

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