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Some Don’ts

After the dos here are some don’ts which you should take care of. Though they have been dealt in detail in the previous chapters, here they have been consolidated for easy reference.

On the Day of the Interview

  • To be able to deliver your best, make sure you have a good sleep. So, it is important that you don’t remain awake late in the night before the interview day.
  • Make sure you don’t eat too much at breakfast as it can make you lethargic and uncomfortable.

During the Interview

  • Don’t forget to close the door behind you as soon as you enter the interview hall.
  • Don’t forget to ask for the permission of the interviewer before coming in.
  • Don’t forget to wish the board or the interviewer according to the time of the day.
  • Don’t sit down without having the instruction of the ­interviewer to do so.
  • Don’t initiate in an interview. It is the interviewer who starts the conversation.
  • Don’t be fast when you speak. Each and every word coming out of your mouth must be clear and loud enough for the ­interviewer to hear.
  • Don’t go extravagant with your gesticulations. Behave ­normally and be relaxed.
  • Don’t act emotionally to earn the favour of the interviewer.
  • Don’t interrupt the interviewer. Once the interviewer is through with what he/she has to say, start making your reply.
  • Don’t start any unruly debate. Be very measured in you ­responses.
  • Don’t ignore the questions put across. If questions are directed at you by two or three members consecutively, answer each one of them.
  • Don’t provide your interviewer with replies that are not correct. If you do not know something or are not sure about it then say it. But be polite, like you can say, “Sir, I am sorry but I do not know about it.”
  • Don’t tinker around with your hair, cuffs or buttons, else the interviewer will be forced to believe that you are nervous.
  • Don’t change your argument; rather you should support your case with logical reasons.
  • Don’t be of the same opinion on each and everything that the interviewer says. If you have logical reasons to support your answer then tell the interviewer so. But be very gentle in your disagreement as well. You can say, “I beg to differ sir. . . .”
  • Don’t try to impress the interviewer by giving a reply which pleases him/her and is biased. This will depict you in bad light.
  • Don’t act in an immature way by raking up politically controversial issues. Do not try to gain the favour of the interviewer by taking a stand against or in favour of any particular ­community.
  • Don’t give up. Don’t change the topic until it is changed by the interviewer.
  • Don’t miss the opportunity to thank the interviewer if he/she praises you.

After The Interview

  • Don’t be overenthusiastic after the interview is over and offer your hand first for handshake. Shake hands only if the ­interviewer offers his/hers.
  • After the interviewer asks you to leave and you start to walk back to the door, don’t look back. You are still being observed with regard to your manner of leaving the room.
  • Don’t forget to close the door after you leave the room.

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